Monday, July 13, 2015


When Iker Casillas spoke at the send of at Real Madrid , it was a sad day for such a loyal servant after twenty five glorious years at the club. The president Florentino Perez was not there , the team mates were on a flight to Australia with the staff. Loyal fans of Real Madrid are demanding the resignation of the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez , for the bad treatment shown to long serving player of Real Madrid for25 years. Florentino Perez now will have a send off, after the uproar. But at the same time let us see how Barcelona treat their players, Xavi Hernandez spent 24 years at barcelona a club he joined as a boy, they had not one send of but a few. One was with the players and families along with the staff of Barcelona. One was for the fans of Barcelona. And third were for the people of Barcelona, the stadium and streets were packed and bursting. While sadly Iker Casillas came alone to the mike spoke , with emotional tears ,and choking as well, he sadly left the room from the back door. Real Madrid just buying players for millions ,winning trophies alone will not do , be a bit human as well honour your servant as well. I in India was angry at Iker Casillas treatment..

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