Sunday, July 12, 2015


THIS IS ACCORDING TO THE DAILY MAIL.. In the year 1997 Iker Casillas was a sixteen year old boy,and was in school with his maths books and compass box, When there was a disturbance in the class, a man had come to take Iker Casillas to the headmaster to ask his permission to allow young Iker Casil leave to fly to Norway , to play at the champion league for Real Madrid vs Rosenborg . There was a shortage of goalkeepers for Real Madrid as both two Bodo Illgner a German , and Santiago Canizares, Spanish were badly injured. And according F.i.F.A rules the club must have two or three goalkeepers. He then sat on the bench for that match . From the year 1999 to 2012, he was the first choice goalkeeper for Real Madrid and Spain. He won a a total of 18 trophies at Real Madrid, including three champion league cups. And he played a total of 725 matches for Real Madrid. It is said that Jose Mourinho was not at all happy with Iker Casillas being friends with Xavi Hernandez , as the girl friend of Xavi Jose Mourinho was afraid she would leak out the Real Madrid secrets to Xavi Hernandez. Iker Casillas joined the Real Madrid youth academy at the age of nine years, and in 2000 became the youngest goalkeeper to play in a champions league, he was nineteen years old then.

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