Wednesday, July 8, 2015


It is getting more and more likely that the long serving goalkeeper of Real Madrid is F.C.Porto bound, as both Rafael benitez and Florentino Perez do not want him to be a goalkeeper at Real Madrid like he was for the last twoyears and cause problems in choosing the goalkeeper. IKer Casillas joined Real Madrid youth team as a eight year old., he has now spent twenty five years at the club. In that time he has won 5 Spanish Leagues, 2 Spanish cups and three champion leagues as well. He s te most decorated goalkeeper . He was the goalkeeper at Real Madrid , and stood between the goalposts before he even got a driving licence even, at nineteen years , just imagine that he had nerves of steel at a tender age. He is getting a yearly salary at Real Madrid of 5.4 Million Pounds or 7.5 Million Euros. F.C.Porto are offering him a yearly salary of 2.5 million pounds or 3.5 million Euros. Once this money thing is ironed out the deal can be made final.

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