Monday, July 6, 2015


The very famous Argentinean footballer Juan Roman Riqulme who played in Spain and other parts of Europe as well. He has won very sad regret that in the year 2006, e was at that time playing in Spain in 2006, for the club Villarreal , often called THE YELLOW SUBMARINES, the Beatles song. It was the champion league and Arsenal were playing Villarreal in London. It was then that Sir Alex Ferguson asked him if he would like to join Manchester United. But he sadly rejected the deal, as he was happy in Spain with his Spanish team mates .We must under one thing to come from South America be it Brazil or Argentina , and then learn a new language is not at all a happy thing for them. Take Anderson he played eight years for Manchester United but never ever learned a single word of English. After Juan Roman Riqualme rejected the deal Manchester United then decided to make Michael Carrick their new buy instead of the Argentinean. The Argentinean then left Spain to join Boco Junios again. His big regret is this deal that he refused.

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