Tuesday, July 21, 2015


It looks like the 27 year old French striker Karim Benzema could be sold for 31.3 million pounds. Karim Benzema joined Real Madrid from Lyon in France in 2009. And there is no secret that Arsene Wenger had been keen to buy the French striker on more then one occasion. But now Real Madrid want to buy the German midfielder Marcus Reus ,and no doubt he will be costly and Bayern Munich will want forty million pounds for the German. Now Real Madrid are keen to sell Karim Benzema for 31.3 million and then buy the German with that money. But now there is a hitch Real Madrid want to get a replacement for Karim Benzema first before selling him, so talks have stalled for now. And as Real Madrid have a new Spanish manager, who has no plans for Karim Benzema in his team.

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