Sunday, July 5, 2015


Very sadly the family members of Lionel Messi were abused during the Copa America between Argentina and Chile, which was held in Chile. It appears the elder brother of Lionel Messi Rodrigo was hit by a object and his father and mother were also abused. The security forces acted quickly they took the family of Lionel Messi to a corner and had them observed by camera for the rest of the match. It has also been reported that the family members of Sergio Aguero were also abused by the mad Chilean fans. The match ended in penalties after both sides failed to score a single goal during open time. Chile scored 4-1 in the penalties. The villan of the final was the Argentinean striker Gonzalo Higuain who failed to score a goal in the open game time , and also missed a penalty. Before the match Javier Maschareno had said to treat this as a match and not a war, even though Chle and Argentina are neighbors . But they have a hostile relation. Chile won the Copa America for the first time in their history.

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