Monday, July 13, 2015


After the Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas , who played for twenty five long years as their Goalkeeper , right from the time he was a nine year boy. He is the most decorated goalkeeper But they gave him such a bad send of shameful , and it its hurts as a neutral football fan in India. . As Iker Casillas bid his tearful farewell to Real Madrid, and he even choked between the tears . The team mates were on a plane on heir way to Australia, the president Florentino Perez was not there either. Fans were very few , some loyal fans were waiting for two days expecting a big send of , nothing like that happened. He came quietly and went quietly from the back door, disgusting Real Madrid. Have you forgotten this.? In the year 1997, Iker Casillas was a sixteen year old boy at Real Madrid, he joined them at nine years of age. He was at a technical drawing class, when e was taken to the headmaster, to ask his permission to allow him to fly to Norway, to play in the Champion League match vs Rosenberg . The reason being both of Real Madrids goalkeepers were injured Bodo Illgner the German and Santiago Canizeris, the Spaniard were out, and Real Madrid wanted this 16 year old boy to be on the bench, as F.I.F.A rules says goalkeeper on the pitch and one on the bench. Iker Casillas was the goalkeeper for Real Madrid from 1999-2012, he was standing between the posts for Real Madrid, before he even had a drivers licence. Real Madrid should find out how Barcelona gave Xavi Hernandez a send of, it was fantastic Florentina Perez and Real Madrid, . Mind you this is written by a Indian.

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