Tuesday, July 21, 2015


To be honest both Manchester United and Arsenal are looking for real good strikers for their clubs. Arsene Wenger has honestly said that he can not find any good strikers now a days. In other years there were many on the move between the clubs in Europe. Now Louis Van Gaal says he has a shortlist of ten strikers. , just imagine that. But arsene Wenger is known to bring a star at the club even on that last day, he has even got in a player just a few minutes remaining for the market to wind up. He says a transfer is a confidential matter between players and agents and the club, on the last day he got players like Andrei Arshavin, Mesut Ozil to name a few. I have no doubt that he will sign a good player in the end. After all Arsenal will never spend adly like Chelsea or Manchester United do .

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