Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Arsenal could very well sign a new striker and he is the free scoring Russian Alexander Kokorin, from the Russian club Dynamo Moscow , and he also is laying for Russia. We must be honest here Arsene Wenger is looking for a striker who can score yearly a total of 20, twenty goals to 25 twenty five goals each season.The big headache he has is none are there to be sold , so the big story of Karim Benzema started doing its rounds even though Arsene Wenger was leased bit interested in signing him. And it is the practice of Arsene Wenger to t reach a agreement in confidential manner, and when a deal is done he will announce it.Mesut Ozil, Andrei Arshavin , AndreyAndrey Sandro wee all done in the last day of the transfer it was completed just a few minutes before closing. And now Alexander Kokorin is wanted by P.S.G, Zenit St Petersburg are keen to sign Alexander Kokorin as well.

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