Sunday, August 2, 2015


Arsene wengers long wait is over, as Arsenal had to wait for match number fourteen to win for the first time, and it came in the Community Shield match , the curtain opener in the for the E.P.L season. It was a close win just a 1-0 win for Arsenal but it was enough to smash the big ego , pride and a bigger mouth of Jose Mourinho. Always ready to jibe and taunt other managers., shows no respect at all to his fellow managers, has no class at all either. That one goal came in the 24th minute by oxlade Chamberlain , and it was a great goal of great class . As usual Jose Mourinho had his excuses when defeated, he said Arsenal kept ten defenders so no goals could be scored by Chelsea.Sour grapes mr Mourinho. He even through his losers medal into the crowd , to be collected by a ten year old boy, you will never see Arsene Wenger throwing his losers medal or winners medal into the crowd. By the way this goal was the first scored against Chelsea it was scored after 509 minutes.

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