Friday, August 14, 2015


A little boy Louis Diamond was heartbroken when he learned that his idol Robin Van Persie was sold to the Istanbul club in Turkey called Fenerbahce . The sobbing picture of the little boy went online and it made a big difference to some people. It touched the president of Fenerbahce Mr Aziz Yildirim so much that Fenerbahce acted swiftly and collected 2000 Dollars or 1281 pounds to fly the Diamond family to Istanbul , that is not all the Diamond family will be given seats at the V.V.I.P box to watch Fenerbahce play against Eskisehirspor, but little Louis Diamond will be personally be meeting Robin Van Persie after the match as well. And that is not all the surprises Fenerbache will be also giving the Diamond family a five days holiday at the resort at Antalya. The diamonds were very grateful to the President , players and fans for making this such a unforgettable surprise in their lives what a big heart.

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