Saturday, August 15, 2015


Manchester United have started the 2015/2016 in a very bad way , they are not at all convincing on the pitch. Even Adnan Januzaj who scored the lucky goal against Aston Villa , was very heavily criticised by Louis Van Gaal. Wayne Rooney has yet to score a goal , last match they won the match with a single own goal scored by Walker. Usually Manchester United are known to kill the match with three goals minimum they have scored eight goals against Arsenal I doubt we will see something like that this season, it will all be narrow wins . Well the Manchester United fans would be upset since in the last twio years Louis Van Gaal has spent 244 million pounds on ten players , here I am counting Pedro Rodriguez as well.244 million pounds is roughly a quarter of a Billion Pounds you see, got the picture, you should be scoring goals at will.

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