Thursday, August 13, 2015


The Dutch footballer Mario Melchiot who played for Chelsea for a few years, nothing great about him , he played for Chelsea before the Russian oil money started rolling into Chelsea. Now Mario Melchiot says Arsenal should do what the Italian club Parma are doing today. Parma is bankrupt mind you Arsenal is not. Now to generate funds to save Parma, they are auctioning their trophies, they had won the Super Cup once and had won two U.E.F.A Cups as well. Mario Melchiot should know Arsenal are not bankrupt as yet. In the seven richest football clubs by Forbes for 2014 which include clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Arsenal as well. Chelsea total wealth was 1.37 Billion Pounds.And Arsenals total wealth was 1.31 Billion Pounds. Nothing here to boast Mario Melchiot . And yes Roman Abramovich has cleared all of Chelsea's debt, he has given Chelsea one Billion Pounds on a interest free loan.And he will spend to enlarge the stamford Bridge stadium, you Chelsea players and fans should be ashamed of yourselves living on charity. Chelsea fans should know Arsenal built their famous EMIRATE STADIUM with money got from selling players like Samir Nasri, Henry, Alexander song, kolo Toure, Gael Glichy , Emmanuel Adebayor .They did not have a sugar Daddy like Chelsea have.

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