Tuesday, August 25, 2015


In the last two days we are hearing a lot of stories concerning Neymar and his move from F.C.Barcelona to Manchester United. It was even reported that Manchester United were even keen to pay out his buyout clause at Barcelona which is a very huge sum 137.8 million pounds to be exact. It said that Manchester United would buy him for 140, one hundred and forty million pounds. And would be willing to pay a lot as add ons and even as a huge bonus reaching a combined amount of 240 million pounds, this is a crazy figure by all standards. But the Barcelona president has thrown ice cold water on the story , and has said Neymar is not going anywhere and he wants Neymar to retire as well at Barcelona like Lionel Messi. Now another story in the DAILY MIRROR says Neymar will be bringing his girlfriend and their son to Barcelona from Brazil, so this should close the stories for good, why would he bring them to Barcelona and then take them to England. Is this his trick to get a better and juicy contract at Barcelona? Time will tell.

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