Friday, August 14, 2015


We often ask which club made the biggest investment on a particular player, my answer to that is Barcelona making a big investment on Lionel Messi. No he did not cost any money he came free as boy to THE LA MASIA. But as a boy he had very bad hormone deficiency , and Barcelona took care of all his medical treatments which was indeed very costly, and at the same time it was a very big gamble as well, as what if the money spent on treating Lionel Messi failed? But luckily he did respond to the treatment. Now Barcelona are benefiting the most here . Lionel Messi has now scored a total of 425 goals in all for Barcelona, counting Champion League games. Lionel Messi has also scored 286 goals for Barcelona in Spain alone. He has scored 70, seventy goals in one season for Barcelona, fifty goals he dos yearly . And by the way he has not got a single red card in his majestic career at Barcelona. So for sure Barcelona have made the biggest investment on a player here, mind you he is only 28 years old plenty of goals to be coming from hs boots.

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