Saturday, August 29, 2015


It looks very doubtful that Chelsea will buy Paul Pogba from Juventus this summer though. As Juventus want to sell him for 70,seventy million pounds quite a large amount for a 22, twenty two year old I must say. But he is also demanding a very huge weekly salary of over 300,000 pounds. And that will add up to a huge sum as he wants a five year contract at Chelsea. But Barcelona had promised him a weekly salary of 318,000 pounds, and that will work out to 16.5 million pounds a year. Now the highest paid footballer at Chelsea is the Belgian Eden Hazard, who is getting 250,000 pounds a week.Then Chelsea will have to change their wage structure. By the way Lionel Messi is getting a yearly salary of 14.6 . million pounds at Barcelona.

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