Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The Arsenal manager has personally flown all the way to France for talks on signing the Uruguayan striker from P..S.G the striker is Edinson Cavani. as it is the last day of the transfer window it is a battle against time. Either a big fish caught or a big slip from the fingers anything can happen here. But we must remember Arsene Wenger always plays his cards to his chest and never says who he is going to sign, he says it should be a confidential mater between clubs, agents and players only. And do not forget Arsene Wenger has got players on the last day such as Mesut Ozil, and Andrei Arshavin, in fact the Andrei Arshavin deal was finalized with minutes remaining for the transfer window to close. Let me remind you all unless there is a very , very good chance of the Edinson Cavani deal being finalised , Arsene Wenger would not fly to France and Paris. You may be surprised that Arsene Wenger may get two players from P.S.G. And I am not talking of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it is Adrien Rabiot and Edinson Cavani.

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