Monday, September 21, 2015


As the Spanish giants Barcelona lost their talented midfielder Rafinha, to a major injury in the Champion League to Italian giants A.S.Roma.. So Barcelona wanted to get the Turkish footballer Arda Turan to take the place of the injured Rafinha, hor the next match. But F.I..F.A acted swiftly and reminded Barcelona that they were still facing a F.I.F.A ban for a year and it will end only in 1/1.2016. Even if they have bought Arda Turan he was not eligible to play, he can only play from 1/1/2016 for Barcelona. Please note will you both Arda Turan and Alexis Vidal were bought by Barcelona, and they are being paid their weekly salary by Barcelona. I wonder how many clubs could afford this , and footballers willing to sit for six months without playing a single atch for Barcelona. This is only because the club is Barcelona they are ready to sit for six months. Both these players have already been given their famous Barcelona jerseys.

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