Saturday, September 19, 2015


The referee Mike Dean should see the Arsenal match very closely to explain why he failed to send of Diego costa , but he was fast to show Gabriel Paulista the red card. After all Mike dean was blind as a bat , or was he bribed here it looks like that more and more we look at it . Just because Diego Costa does not know English that does not mean the referees should support him , these blind bats called referees . Mike Dean should be demoted as a referee , but that will never happen as these referees are paid by the F.A. In France Mike Dean was voted man of the match , he is utter disgrace to football , can this idiot hold a whistle in his hand with some pride ever, the answer is no. Diego Costa had his hands all over the Arsenal players Aaron ramsey, Laurent Koscielny , and the F.I.F.A rules do not alow players to hold players like that, it is bookable offence. Let me remind you all that 1n 2014 in the league cup between Liverpool and Chelsea, Diego Costa got a three match ban for stamping the leg of Emre Can, he is serial offender.

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