Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The two brothers who are the executive and the manager of Dinamo Zagreb , but both the Mamic brothers Zoran and Zdravko . were arrested in june for tax evasion . But it looks a more serious matter now as the two brothers were said to be embezzling money from the amount they got for their Dinamo Zagreb players like Luka Modric when he was sold to tottenham Hotspurs for 16.6 million pounds in the year 2008, and Dejan Lovren who was sold to Liverpool for big money as well. Now the brothers have won their bail appeal,Zoran mamic will have to pay bail of 83,000 pounds , and Zdravko Mamic will have to pay a larger bail amount of 700,000 pounds. But on the day Arsenal play Dinamo Zagreb in the Champion League, fans are indeed angry and are calling for a boycott of the matches their club play in the champion league. Indeed worrying time for Dinamo Zagreb I must say, after all the long arm of the law will catch up with crooks.

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