Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The former Italian striker Francesco Totti has now gone and scored a goal number 300, three hundred in Sierra A. It is a huge achievement for him. And that to he has done it at the age of 38 years in fact he will be 39 years old in a few weeks time. And his coach Luis Garcia at A.S.Roma is now wisely using him very sparingly indeed due to the age. And the very best part of it is he has scored a goal each year he has played for his club A.S.Roma. The only other player to score each year of his career and for the same club , is the Welsh winger Ryan Giggs who was 40 years when he retired from Football and he played for Manchester United. Francesco Totti and ryan Giggs were very loyal servants to their clubs played out their entire career at one club. Not like today's overrated footballers who jump from club to club for money only.

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