Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Manchester United board have made it very, very clear to Louis Van Gaal that they want to see Quality not Quantity at Manchester United. To get a better picture in the 14, fourteen months Louis Van Gaal has been at Manchester United ,the club has spent a total of 242, two hundred and forty two million pounds.Far to much I must say. And they have wiped out the entire team which was at Manchester United under Alex Ferguson, only Michael Carrick, Ashley Young remain. And they have also made it very clear that such big spending may not be there next year . The biggest shock in the buying is Anthony Martial , he will cost 58, fifty eight million pounds in the end and not 36.4 million pounds.Let us ask if it is a good buy or not? This costliest teenager has played 63 , sixty three games for both Lyon and Monaco , and has scored 13, thirteen goals only .And has yet to play a game for France But please note he is costing more then what Zinedine Zidane was costing when he moved to Real Madrid from Juventus, the price was 56, fifty six million pounds then. Madness I must say what did he see in him I wonder?

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