Sunday, September 13, 2015


The young French midfielder paul Pogba who now plays his club football with Juventus in Italy, also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN. Now he will be costing 100 million Euros or 70 million pounds or plus 70 million pounds. Chelsea were keen all this summer transfer and were willing to pay 72, seventy two million pounds for him. Manchester City were keen as well as they want a long time replacement for Yaya Toure . But F.C.Barcelona spoke to Juventus in the month of june and requested Juventus that they would buy him once their transfer ban expired in 1/1/2016. And to be honest Juventus were not keen to sell him in the summer, as Juventus sold Arturo Vidal to Bayern Munich, Andres Pirlo moved to the M.L.S in the U.S.A and Carlos Tevez joined Boca Juniors.

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