Tuesday, September 22, 2015


There have been some very big and talented footballers who have sadly slipped through the fingers of Sir Alex Ferguson. 1) Petr Cech He saw him at Rennes , but thought he was to young to get those bruises at the E.P.L But he kept 220 clean sheets at Chelsea in eleven years. 2) The Brazilian Ronaldo. He could not get a work permit in England. A world cup winner.He joined P.S.V. 3) Thomas Muller. He was ten year old boy playing at a very small club, while they decided he joined Bayern Munich. A world cup winner. 3) Lucas moura his club wanted 25, then 30 and finally 35 million pounds for him. Far to much for Manchester United. 4) Didier Drogba. While They looked and were deciding on him , in walked Chelsea and signed him. 5) Sergio Aguero. The club was asking far to much for him 39 million pounds . Manchester City signed him from Atletico Madrid. 6) Raphael Varane. While Manchester United were deciding the price Zinedine zidane scooped him up for Real Madrid.

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