Wednesday, September 9, 2015


In the year 2003/2004 after Arsenal became the INVINCIBLE S, there was a big cash problem for the club. Arsenal had built the 60,4000 stadium called the EMIRATE STADIUM. Money was very hard to come in fact it was so tight that as the amount that Arsenal spent on the stadium was 390 million pounds , not a small amount either. In-fact a Bank even pulled out the plug to support the club even, and the famous players of Arsenal were very close to not being paid their wages even. But then Arsene Wenger and Arsenal were able to sell a property to generate funds , the bank gave a loan after all. But in the year 2004 both Arsenal and Manchester United wanted to sign Cristiano Ronaldo for 12.4 million pounds from Sporting Lisbon . Alex Fergusen spoke to the agent Jorge Mendes , and used his assistant manager Carlos Quiziero to speak to Cristiano Ronaldo and to convince him to join Manchester United instead of Arsenal, Cristiano Ronaldo was having a look at Arsenal grounds and all. But as Arsenal did not have any money to buy Ronaldo , he joined Manchester United.. But this is the same manager who sold their regular good players to generate funds to pay the three hundred and ninety million pounds to the bank. And also the club to play eighteen years in a row, think of it. And now the total wealth of Arsenal is a huge one Billion Pounds the only two cubs in the E.P.L who have over a Billion Pounds Arsenal have 1,118 Million pounds. And Manchester United have 1,848 million pounds. In case you do not know it Arsene Wenger has a Masters in Economics degree.

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