Friday, September 11, 2015


In Lionel Messi's biography he says that as a 12, twelve year old boy he had gone to the big club in Argentina for a trial, and he did so well at that age he was considered a genius . But there was a flaw the rules of River Plate clearly say that a player must pass his 13th birthday to join the youth academy, he was told to come the next year, and he never did come back to River Plate. Now Lionel Messi at a early age was diagnosed with G.D.H HORMONE GROWTH Deficiency .River Plate refused to spend a huge amount of moneyy to treat him, but F.C.Barcelona came forward to bear the entire treatment of Lionel Messi, and his first contract was made by Barcelona and Lionel Messis father, the contract was made on a paper napkin as it was done at a hotel. Lionel Messi made a complete recovery and has been scoring goals for fun at Barcelona , and you can trust me he will never leave Barcelona , he will end his career there , because he is grateful to the club. Oh what a big miss by River Plate I must say.

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