Friday, September 4, 2015


This may come as big surprise to many Manchester United fans, that Wayne Rooney twice rejected Sir alex Ferguson attempt to buy him once at the age of 14, fourteen and later at 16, sixteen years , both of these were rejected. As Wayne rooney said his love for Everton was far to strong. Now this may not be known to many that clubs are allowed a certain transfer for kids from 14 years and sixteen years to join the other clubs youth academy. Which he rejected. But Alex Ferguson did get his boy in the year 2004 for a sum of 26 , twenty six million pounds. Alex Ferguson says he could have then got Wayne Rooney , for a fraction of the 26 million pounds then. But Alex Ferguson admits when he got Wayne Rooney from Everton he would never have dreamt that this boy would come close to breaking Sir Bobby Charlton's record.

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