Monday, October 5, 2015


In the E.P.L match played between Arsenal and Manchester United played on the 4/10/2015. Arsenal had lost their two champion League matches, it were both lost due to Arsenal scoring own goals in each of the two Champion League games they played. Then the Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal taunted Arsene Wenger by saying he never would like to have Arsene Wengers record . And Arsenal came with a win against Manchester United that has spent a total of 250 million pounds on average players, Anthony Martial was got for 58, fifty eight million pounds a nineteen year old boy not even played for France.But he was costlier then Zinedine Zidane, who was a world cup winner and also a EURO CUP winner. But in the match Arsenal scored three goals in just 13, thirteen minutes Two goals were scored by Alexis Sanchez, and one goal was scored by Mesut Ozil. Now this is very new record this is the first time in E.P.L that Manchester United have let in three goals in the first twenty minutes, in the history of Manchester United. Serves Louis Van Gaal well.

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