Wednesday, October 21, 2015


There is no doubt about it here that Eden Hazard is being treated very badly by Jose Mourinho and Chelsea , he could easily leave Chelsea for a bigger club. Eden Hazard is not playing to well and that is a fact, but what we must remember here is form of footballers will dip now and then but their class is always permanent. He has now kept Eden Hazard on the bench recently and after being Chelsea best player for two years in a row, the Belgian Eden Hazard was the P.F.A winner last year mind you. He could very well be leaving Chelsea for a real big club in Europe, and they are the Spanish giants Real Madrid, Eden Hazard has already told friends that he wants to join Real Madrid in the sunmmer. Jose Mourinho did the same thing to Juan Mata , and then sold him like a fool to Manchester United for over 31 million pounds, now Juan Mata haunts Chelsea as he is doing very well there.. Abnd hope you have not forgotten the Brazilian Oscar he is sitting on the bench for a long time as well. Will Oscar be the next Juan Mata at Chelsea.

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