Friday, October 30, 2015


Till recently only Arsenal were very much interested in buying the young Spaniard Sergi Samper from the Barcelona youth team. After all he is a very talented midfielder a holding midfielder in the mold of Sergi Busquets , he was groomed to take over from Sergi Busquets in the near future. But Sergi Samper is getting tired of waiting in the youth team of Barcelona , and Arsenal are willing to pay out his buyout clause , it is small amount of eight million pounds. But recently Manchester United are keen to buy him they said. Now Manchester United have big money from Sponsorship money from ADIDAS and Chevrolet .Adidas has given Manchester United 700 million pounds to buy players they say. But something Louis Van Gaal says is silly he said Memphis Depay is his fringe player , but you do not pay 25, twenty five million pounds for a fringe player they come cheap for sure.

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