Sunday, October 4, 2015


Both Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson who had their friendly fights on the pitch line , but were always friends of the pitch. Alex Ferguson had 27 years at Manchester United while Arsene Wenger has had n19, nineteen years as manager with Arsenal. So both are there with years of experience behind them . Now that Arsenal have lost two champion league games in a row the Arsenal fans want to sack Arsene Wenger to easily, without giving it a second thought. They were also in this mod after Arsenal lost to Stoke City last year. But Alex Ferguson says it is very easy to sack a coach , but he would like to know who will they bring in the place of Arsene Wenger? And will he bring results? Manchester United got in David Moyes , and it did not work out Manchester United lost big money about forty million pounds for not qualifying for the Champion League. By the way Arsenal have their own stadium THE EMIRATES STADIUM , the money is all cleared up Arsenal were forced to sell their top players to generate funds to pay back the interest. By the way Arsenal is the only cub in London who has a BILLION POUNDS reeves. Let us be patient and judge Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in May 2016.

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