Thursday, November 12, 2015


The Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea is questioning the wisdom of selling the Mexican striker Javier Hernandez to Bayern Leverkusen , now Javier Hernandez was a proven goalscorer even if he was small in size he got a lot of goals by heading iit in. But he is now on a permanent transfer to Bayern Leverkusen where he has scored a total of ten goals already. But at the same time Manchester United are finding it hard to score goals, a lot was put on Anthony Martial to get goals in each game, and that is not going to happen. A very costly mistake I would say. David de Gea says Javier Hernandez was a very nice man on and off the field, he would eat together and Javier Hernandez would make his parents cook Mexican food and David De Gea parents would cook Spanish food for javier Hernandez. But one thing is clear Javier Hernandez could have scored ten to fifteen goals for Manchester United.

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