Thursday, November 26, 2015


The Brazilian born Spanish footballer Diego Costa who has failed to score many goals this season , even though he scored over twenty goals last year, and this is one of the main reasons that Chelsea are languishing in the fifteenth spot in the E.P.L table. It all boiled up in league match between Chelsea and the club from Israel Maccabi Tel.aviv. But after the champion League match, Jose Mourinho , declared after the match that he had kissed and made up with Diego Costa , after both are hot headed egoistic people after all. But there was talk much earlier that Diego Costa was very keen to move to Atletico Madrid in Spain his old club. But will Atletico Madrid pay 32, thirty two million pounds for him now, I doubt it very much as his price has fallen due to barren goal run. But who will Chelsea choose as a replacement, it is the Englishman Harry Kane who plays his club football at Tottenham Hotspurs , and Chelsea play Tottenham Hotspurs this week, so they can observe him better. But Chelsea are not alone inths race as Bayern Munich and Manchester United also want him.

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