Thursday, November 5, 2015


The Spaniard Michu arrived in England for the Welsh club Swansea City. And when he arrived at Swansea City Sir Alex Ferguson taunted him by asking Michu whom? Well Sir Alex Ferguson soon found out as Michu like many was a season great with 22, twenty two goals in one season the figures scared Alex Ferguson for sure , the same way he taunted Arsene Wenger when he came from Japan in 1996 to take over Arsenal, Alex Ferguson asked Wenger WHO , he soon found out as Arsenal have Manchester United some horrid times on the pitch and was challenging Manchester United for years till the clubs with oil money came along. By the way Michu had a regular and a major problem with his right ankle and never played after that one magical season, it just did not heal . But Swansea were paying him 40,000 , forty thousand pounds a week.. Now they have agreed a settlement and Michu will leave Swansea for Spain he will play for a club called Union Longreos, which is managed by his brother Hernen Perez, but the club is in in the fourth tier in Spain. By the way this is the same club where David Villa started his football career.

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