Wednesday, November 11, 2015


finally finally Florentino Perez has now decided to sell both the Real Madrid strikers the rude Cristiano Ronaldo and the French striker Karim Benzema. Karim Benzema getting into trouble with Blackmailing and those sex tapes have not helped at all, as you see if Karim Benzema is arrested under the extortion act he could get five years in jail. But who will Real Madrid buy to get the goals then.? Real Madrid are now keen to buy Eden Hazard from Chelsea.. And the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski from the German club , getting Eden Hazard for 80, eight million pounds will be easy , but get Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich will not be easy , as the German club may not sell him at all . The reason mighty Real Madrid want to change their strikers is Real Madrid have not won the Spanish La Liga title for seven years gone by and this year Barcelona are leading the table with Lionel Messi out for two months so a golden chance slipped through their fingers.. Madrid fans can not take seven or eight years without a title. With the balance money that will remain Real Madrid also want to sign David De Gea from Manchester United.

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