Monday, November 16, 2015


It now looks more and more likely that the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie who joined Arsenal in the year 2004 from Feyenoord for a sum of 2.75 million pounds . But he was mostly injured at Arsenal , and was fit near the end of his time at Arsenal he had a brilliant year in which he scored 30, thirty goals. Arsene Wenger then phoned Alex Ferguson and asked him if he wanted to buy Robin Van Persie , and Alex Ferguson said yes, he was then sold for 24, twenty four million pounds to Manchester United. Robin Van Persie said he wanted to win trophies at Manchester United he won the E.P.L once but fell from grace and was finally sold to Fenerbache , and he now finds himself on the bench at Fenerbache. So he is very unhappy and wants to go back to his childhood club Feyenoord , after all Dirk Kuyt is scoring goals for Feyenoord at 35 years of age.

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