Monday, November 23, 2015


Real Madrid were humiliated by their arch rivals Barcelona 4-0. And when that happens all will it up including the the Madrid sports paper MARCA, which had 61 pages written on the EL CLASICO. So you know the anger at Madrid by now. But who is to blame , pr who will take the blame? The Real fans demanded Florentino Perez resign right away. They also wanted Rafael benitez to resign and get the boot. But now the Club support Rafael Benitez, even when the players want him out. They wanted Zinedine Zidane their former star and hero to take over the managers post, right away, but Zinedine Zidane distanced himself far away from the job, he has made it clear he will only be manager at THE CASTTILLA, the Real Madrids youth academy, equal to THE LA MASIA at Barcelona. Actually Florentino Perez is to blame entirely for the mess at Real Madrid, as he has a policy at Real Madrid which buy only players that are white and handsome so jerseys can be sold, and other things to generate money for the club, skill come second to this sick man. As you may or may not be aware he refused to buy Ronaldinho , he said Ronaldinho was to ugly , but Barcelona grabbed him with both arms and Ronaldinho scored two goals against Real Madrid in 2005 El clasico and the third goal goal was scored by samuel Etoo . Whom he did not buy as he said he was a black player, can you imagine that. But in the El clasico Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema were beaten and lost the ball often. So both of the two strikers will be sold and the winger as well.We shall see knew faces next season for sure.,

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