Thursday, November 26, 2015


The EL CLASICO played on the 21/11/2015 at the Santiago Bernabeu it was a game played against two mighty giants of football mighty Real Madrid and their eternal arch rivals Barcelona. In fact not only this years Spanish title but also their pride was at stake at the Bernabeu. And Luis suarez scored the first goal in the eleventh minute , the real madrid fans were angry but when Neymar scored the second goal the loyal Real madrid fans in the thousands were rattled very badly. And things got even worse with Andres Iniesta scoring a third goal which was very beautiful , it was shown by the Real Madrid fans when in the 77th minutes as Andres Iniesta was substituted and Lionel Messi walked on the pitch . The Real Madrid fans gave a standing up and paying homage all the real Madrid fans stood up and applauded Andres Iniesta as he walked to the dugout. This is a very rare honour indeed Real madrid fans do not give this honour easily , the last time real Madrid fans did it it was in 2005 for Ronaldinho who scored two goals in that El Classico. But more miseries were to follow Luis Suarez scored the forth goal . The Real Madrid fans waved their white hankies and jeered at their very own players . It became a BERNA BOO nota a Bernabeu . After the match the Real Madrid V.I.P.S fled for their lives as anger was very high.

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