Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It i hard to believe a club with star studded players , who were E.P.L champions in 2014/2015 are now sixteenth on the table with just three points to pull them to the relegation battle. So who is to n blame. 1) The selling of Petr Cech to Arsenal. 2) The knee injury for Thiabuat Courtis he was out for three months at the least. 3) Branislav Ivanovic is not the player he was last season, he is beaten by players who could not d it last year. Mind you he was in the E.P.L team of the year. Not the same player. 4) Failing to buy John Stones from Everton to replace John Terry. 5) John Terry has been out run and tricked to often this year leading to goals being conceded.Mind you he to was in the E.P.L team last year. 6.) nemanja Matic is a utter failure this season, so is Cesc Fabregas. who scored and assisted in 21 goals not this year.. 7) Eden Hazard winner of the P.F.A last year but no goals this season. 8) The departure of Frank Lampard a year earlier. 9) The departure of Dider Drogba he was old, but this year he has scored 12 goals in 12 games in the M.L.S. 10) The big flop in Radamel Falcao reminds us of Fernando Torres at Chelsea. So you have the reasons for the Chelsea decline this year.

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