Thursday, November 19, 2015


It was not a absolute surprise , after the bombs in Paris and the arge number of unfortunate deaths , people were far to edgy and greatly nervous , it was understood. Now the Belgian team were to play a friendly match between Belgium and Spain in the city of Antwerp. And the Belgian team were staying at the hotel Raddison at Antwerp. Now one nervy guest informed the police that there was a terrorist staying at the hotel Raddison. The police arrived in full strength and they took the call very seriously hats off to them. But the terrorist turned out to be Radja Nainggolin , who was sitting in the sun and relaxing. His father is from Indonesia. But the police recognised him at once and said it was a big mistake , but the footballer just had a laugh over it and even sportingly posed for photographs with the police. Sadly the Spain and Belgium match was cancelled. Radja Nainggolin will now fly to Rome and play his ,match for Roma against Bologna

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