Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The German world cup winner Mesut Ozil who has been just fantastic for Arsenal this year , he has made a total of 13, thirteen assists so far , and it is far , far better than any footballer playing in Europe in any of the leagues there. Now Real Madrid have admitted that they made a very big blunder in selling Mesut Ozil to Arsenal for a sum of 42.5 for forty two million pounds. Arsenal are doing all they can in their power to thrash out a new contract soon for Mesut Ozil to sign on the dotted line. Mesut Ozil will be paid a massive 8.5 , eight and half million pounds a year, he will now become Arsenal's all time highest player. Real Madrid should realize that there is no need to cry over spilled milk. Real Madrid were trying to resign their former midfielder Mesut Ozil once james Rodriguez is sold , but now the Spanish giants must look elsewhere for a good midfielder. Mesut Ozil has a new contract which is for a period of five and a half years , which will be like this 180,000 poun for five and a half years which will be valued at the end at eight.five million pounds . he now becomes Arsenal's highest paid player ever, he will be getting more than Alexis Sanchez only Arsene Wenger is paid more at Arsenal.

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