Thursday, December 17, 2015


Chelsea have now gone and sacked Jose Mourinho for the very second time now. He had just signed a new four year contract at Chelsea in August 2015., and he was getting ten million pounds a year as being the manager of Chelsea. The Chelsea club were champions in England in the year 2014/2015, but five short months later on Chelsea are lying 16, sixteenth on the table in the E.P.L.. Not that he did not try very hard ,in honesty he is a proud man and he did his share onthe pitch to improve Chelsea but it did not work. He changed the players it did not work, he benched some players that also did not work,he tried to protect some players that just did not work, he then criticising players in public that to did not work ,no matter what he did just did not work. And it was even said that he had lost the dressing room as well. As Alan Shearer said it is hard to see a club of players doing so well last year but doing so badly in just five months time, nobody saw it coming. Jose Mourinho has now left Chelsea with a mutual consent and has collected 37.5 million pounds a. He was supposed to collect 40, forty million pounds, but he was paid for 132 days so it was settled at 37.5 million pounds. But will Chelsea change after a new manager joins Chelsea now ? And if that is the case with these same players if Chelsea start winning , then it looks like the Chelsea players did this on purpose to get Jose Mourinho sacked.

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