Friday, December 4, 2015


Now we all know that Valencia are not a small club they lie eighth on the La Liga table today, but the drawback for gary Neville is that he has no experience with a big club so far, two he does not know the Spanish language at all. But he is a very hard working player and manager as well. In case you are not aware during the young days of his Manchester United days, Gary Neville , Philip Neville, Paul scholes and Nicky Butt used to change their buses three times to reach the training ground of Manchester United, and change the bus another three times to reach home again. During his playing days at Manchester United he would be the first person to arrive and the last to leave as well. He has already said he wants to learn Spanish and has asked for a tutor to be there at 6.A.M. He will not make the mistake David Moyes made of not bothering to learn Spanish or not getting a house he stayed at a hotel. But let me remind you all of one thing here the late Sir Bobby Robson did not know the language when he joined F.C.Porto of Portugal , so he hired Jose Mourinho as his translator, and when Sir Bobby Robson became manager of Barcelona , again he did not know Spanish, again Jose Mourinho was the translator ., and Barcelona fans mock Jose Mourinho calling him the translator So Valencia have given gary Neville six months to get results.

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