Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Lionel Messi has now played game number five hundred for Barcelona. He had made his debut way back in the year 2-004 , under the manager Franck Raijkaard. Game number five hundred came against Real Betis , which Barcelona won 4-0. Nw we must remember that Lionel Messi missed out two long months this year. And people said that Barcelona were finished in this two months Real Madrid would run away with the title.But it was not so as both Luis Suarez and Neymar scored goals at will, and mind you they are still on top in Spain , and others were not needed to chip in with goals. Barcelona have scored 180 goals n the year 2015, of these goals Lionel Messi has scored 48, forty eight goals , Luis suarez has scored 48, forty eight goals. and Neymar has scored 41 , forty one goals. Lionel Messi has now scored goal number 292 , two hundred and ninety two for Barcelona in Spain , but it was goal number 425, four hundred and twenty five in all games for Barcelona.

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