Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Now Manchester United are knocked out of the champion , league failing to reach the group of sixteen. But Louis van Gaal says Manchester United have progressed under him. doubt it. Now Manchester United will play in the Europa League next year. Rio Ferdinand has hit out at Louis Van Gaal saying that Manchester United playing in the Europa league is very shameful, as people know longer want to know who you are even, just because you replaying ;lower down . paul Scholes said that Manchester United are a average team, and players played average football whole season. Now one thing is there this was Wolfsburg first time making it to the group of sixteen Now things are very bad at at Manchester United , as the fans say over 250, two hundred and fifty million pounds on just plain average players So now the only thing that can save Louis Van Gaal from getting sacked is that Manchester United win the E.P.L this year. Mind you carlo Ancelotti is willing to be the manager of Manchester United. But let me ask you one question is it correct for the third richest club in the world to be playing in THE EUROPA LEAGUE, paul Roy Keane has called the Manchester United loss in the Champion League as a DISASTER.And play like robots on the field.Louis Van gaal has destroyed Manchester united as Stoichkov said he would.

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