Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Real Madrid could well be expelled from the Copa Del rey Cup this season. And the reason being they fielded a player who was not allowed to be playing legally in the match , and he was the Russian Denis Cheryshev. their winger. The Copa Del rey cup was to be played between Rel Madrid and lower tier team Cadiz.To maker matters worse Denis cheryshev scored the opener for Real Madrid in the first three minutes. The reason for the mess is that Denis Cheryshev was given on loan to Villarreal , and he picked up his third yellow card on the last day they played their Copa Del rey match. So legally speaking he was to serve a one match suspension , and this match with cadiz was the match he should be sitting out. Recently Osusna were expelled for the same mistake , and another small club failed to choose E.U players in the correct number. The Cadiz fans sent twitters to Rafael Benitez mocking him by this big mistake. Now it earlier reported that Real Madrid were willing to support Rafael benitez with one last chance, now this silly mistake by the manager may be the cause of Real Madrid not winning a silverware this year.

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