Monday, January 4, 2016


ADIDAS the German sports company have had very strong words for the manager and all the players of Manchester United club. But you may ask what does it concern them in anyway? it does matter to ADIDAS in a big way. ADIDAS has been a sponsor of Manchester United football club, and they have paid Manchester United 750, seven hundred and fifty million pounds , and this money has been used by the Manchester United club, to buy many players who turned out as flops , for example Manchester united have paid P.S.V.Eindhoven 25 , twenty five millions to buy Memphis Depay, he has flopped badly with just two goals but he wants to show off his Rolls Royce car everywhere he goes. So Adidas have a right to be angry with the club Manchester United. By the way Manchester United have been declared as the most boring club in England from 92, clubs from all four tiers in England a big shame I must say to THE THEATRE OF DREAMS as Manchester United were once called proudly.

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