Friday, January 1, 2016


Arsenal could very well sign the young French midfielder Adrien Rabiot , who is now labelled in P.S.G as the Boo Boy . He is a very young talented midfielder, and wants to impress the French manager Didier Deschamps , but at P.S.G he is not getting a chance to do it, so he now wants a move away from P.S.G . On the last day of the summer transfer window Arsene Wenger personally flew down to Paris to negotiate terms with the club. There was a confusion as a long haired player was sitting at the table it was thought then that Arsene Wenger was trying to sign a striker, and it was Edinson Cavani , as he to has long hair , and so does Adrien Rabiot. Oh and by the way Adrien Rabiot's mother is the agent for Adrien Rabiot, another long aired person. It could be that Arsene Wenger arranged for this transfer to be done in January and he will cost Arsenal just15, fifteen million pounds.

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