Thursday, January 14, 2016


Now that both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are facing a transfer ban from buying or selling players. Now this will last till the summer transfer market of 2017. But the main hope for them is that they have been given a period of ninety days or three months to appeal that Ban. So they can buy and sell till then but today is 14/1./2016 in other words they have sixteen days more or less to buy players or sell players,but will they be bid to gamble and sell players. Now Alvaro Morato was sold to Juventus , but they Real Madrid will have the first right to buy him back, like the Cesc Fabregas deal. But if Alvaro Morato is sold back to Real Madrid then Juventus will try and buy Edinson Cavani from P.S.G. And Edinson Cavani will be stolen from under the Arsenal noses. But remember these clubs must act fast. And once the ban comes into force legally, then F.I,.F.A will not register any more players for these two clubs. Then what will happen Real Madrid and atletico can buy a player but can not register them with F.I.F.A so they can not play for these two clubs , but their weekly wages, like Barcelona did paying Alexis Vidal and Arde Turan.

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