Sunday, January 10, 2016


It is now official that manchester United's team is the the most boring in England , it is the most boring from all the four tiers of football in England. And it does not do any good for the club, after all they have spent 250 million pounds and could spend another two hundred million pounds on players. For example in the F.A Cup match played between Manchester United and the second tier club Sheffield United., Manchester had just two shots at the goal one very wide shot from Memphis Depay and Wayne Rooney scoring a penalty goal in the late injury time at the end of the match. In fact a fan was seen sleeping soundly as it was so very boring match,Paul Scholes the former legend at Manchester United tore the players as well as Louis Van Gaal for becoming boring as a club. It is sad to call manchester United THE THEATRE OF DREAMS , Louis VAn Gaal can now dream on. The performance is really upsetting for fans , as Paul Scholes said the players are bored, the fans are bored, the Manchester United board are bored. In the F.A Cup between manchester United and Sheffield United, the first shot at the goal took Manchester United 65 minutes, just think of that , under Alex Ferguson they attacked and attacked scoring foyr goals then was common sight for the fans.Oh when will those days come again.?

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